Ten farmers participated in the pilot in 2018. They tested the effect of the biobased fertiliser (Groene Weide Meststof) has been specially developed for this project. During the fertilisation season, the grassland was fertilised four times. Each time one part of the grassland was fertilised with chemical fertiliser and the other part of the grassland was fertilised with biobased fertiliser. The effect was closely monitored in collaboration with the Wageningen University with measurements after each cut.

In 2019, the project was scaled up and around 75 participants make use of the Groene Weide Meststof. The monitoring program continues with the 10 participants of the first hour.

The first results (2018) are positive. There seems to be no difference in the effect on crop production and soil between the biobased fertiliser and chemical fertiliser. During the course of this year (2019), we will regularly announce new research results.

Eerste bemesting voor Kunstmestvrije Achterhoek