The project was initiated through a collaboration between LTO Noord, Groot Zevert Vergisting, ForFarmers and Wageningen University. From various angles people started working already on an initiative for substitutes for chemical fertilisers.  Forces have been joined and with the Province as driving force the project started in early 2018.

The project is managed by the cooperating parties. This includes a project group consisting of employees from Groot Zevert, ForFarmers, Stichting Biomassa, Wageningen University and LTO Noord. Together, they are responsible for the implementation.

The project group does not stand on its own. For the project to succeed, the cooperation of a large number of partners is important. They helped with the formulation of the project, think along during the project or contribute financially to the project.

Our partners:

Provincie Gelderland, Ministerie van LNV en IenM, RWS, LTO-Noord, ForFarmers, Vruchtbare Kringloop Achterhoek, Wageningen UR, stichting KiEMT, Dofco, NVV/POV, DLV Advies, De Marke, Regio Achterhoek, Waterschap Rijn Ijssel, Stichting Biomassa, GMB, Groot Zevert, Agrogas, Greenferm, Nijhuis Water Technology, Waterstromen, Friesland Campina, Rabobank