When the biobased fertilisers are produced and ready for use, they can also be offered to other land users. In this phase, good information is of great importance. Together with the supply chain, LTO Noord will make an effort for this.

We share the experience of the pilot farmers in the sector, starting with the participants of ‘Vruchtbare Kringloop Achterhoek’. In this project, 250 farmers share their knowledge and experience on good farming practices.

In collaboration with this project, we inform the land users in the Achterhoek about the use of recovered biobased fertilisers. We do this with the use of various communication media and the organisation of excursions, meetings and study clubs.

In time, the participants in the ‘Vruchtbare Kringloop Achterhoek’ will all receive a fertilisation advice. Furthermore, they receive a comparative overview of costs, to get an impression of the impact of biobased fertilisers on the business case of their companies.

The project has an important role in making the fertilisation practice more sustainable. The relevance extends to (inter) national proportions.