Within this project, the choice was made to work on the highest quality fertilisers, that meet the requirements of the future EU Fertiliser Regulation.

This regulation is still under construction, but the subdivision in Product-function categories is already clear. In this project, fertilisers are made that fit within Category C. This category is the most ambitious in terms of composition, but offers the best chance of obtaining the legislative status of mineral fertiliser, an important objective of this project.

The products used in the pilot are made by GMB BioEnergie and Groot Zevert Vergisting. The latter started in 2018 with the construction of a full-scale mineral processing of more than 100,000 tons of digestate.

Feed and fertiliser company ForFarmers uses the products of the previous parties to create a mineral blend that meets specific crop and seasonal requirements. Ultimately, there is room in the project for two production locations for the ‘customised biobased fertiliser’.